SaharaOne TV launches a unique reality show
Biggest Loser Jeetega
-the biggest loser is really the Winner!

Mumbai, March 22, 2007: SaharaOne Television proudly presents a unique and exciting reality show, Biggest Loser Jeetega. Premiering this May, Biggest Loser Jeetega will showcase the lives of 16 obese contestants and their journey to fitness, complete with drama and emotions. The show is directed by Arun Sheshkumar and hosted by the fabulously fit actor Sunil Shetty.

Biggest Loser Jeetega is a reality television show where 16 overweight contestants from all walks of life, knock off the inches and weight under the guidance of fitness trainers and nutritionists, over a period of four months.
Show Format
15 Contestants - 2 Teams
Total Weight : 2038Kg
4 months
The Rules :

 Every week the losing team eliminates one         contestant who they feel is pulling them down

The Biggest Loser will be The Biggest Winner

The Grand Prize
One lakh per kg lost

Eventually, the ‘biggest loser’ becomes the ‘biggest winner’. The contestants will gain healthier rejuvenated bodies, confidence and a quality life along with an enticing cash prize.

The contestants of the show are guided by a host of specialists, which includes former physiotherapist to the Indian cricket team, Andrew Leipus, who heads the panel as Health & Fitness Director, while Yusuf Khan and Deepika Mehta, trainer to stars like

Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu train the two teams. Guiding the contestants on the nutritional factor is Varun Shivdasani.

Speaking on the launch of the show, Biggest Loser Jeetega, Mr. Seemanto Roy, Head – Entertainment Business & Aamby Valley City , said, “Biggest Loser Jeetega is very close to my heart. When Suneil Shetty and Rahul Aggarwal first approached me for this show for SaharaOne I watched the entire international season of The Biggest Loser back to back. I was never motivated enough to shed the extra kilos but after watching the show I started working out the very next day. Since then I have lost 27 kg’s and it has completely changed my life and made me feel like a new person. ”

He added, “The novel format of this reality series is an inspiring and satisfying experience not only for the participants but for the entire nation as well. Our aim is to awaken people to sit up and take notice of their lifestyles. We are confident that this show will not only entertain but will also inspire change in the lives of the audiences along with the participants.”

Grouped into two teams, each team is assigned a trainer and is weighed in on a weekly basis to determine the total weight lost. The team losing the least weight votes out one member of their team whom they feel has not strived hard during the week. Week by week, the contestants are voted out till only three finalists are left. The one who loses the most weight among the final three is crowned “The Biggest Loser” who will walk away with the grand prize.

Suniel Shetty , actor and show host, said, “I am very excited about my association with such a unique show. The concept of fitness and good health has always interested me and nothing can be more satisfying than seeing people leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. We hope the format that has successfully attracted millions of viewers over multiple seasons in other countries will change television viewing in India too, creating a revolution in health and fitness.”

Worldwide, the show, which began airing from October 2004, kick-started a fitness revolution among the viewers not only in the US but several other countries including Australia, where it has been running for several seasons. The international format of the show is owned by Reveille LLC, who have also produced successful shows like “Ugly Betty and “The Office”. In India , the show will be produced for SaharaOne by Rahul Agarwal of Star Entertainments.

The Biggest Loser Jeetega home is situated amidst the pure environs of Aamby Valley City. The city that offers the best quality living will motivate contestants in their quest for a better life. The 22,000 sq. ft. home is divided into living and gym areas. The gym is fitted with state of the art equipment from Technogym, which is acknowledged amongst the best of gym equipment in the world. The same equipment is used world over in Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

About SaharaOne Television

Sahara TV was launched in 2000 as a 24-hour Hindi entertainment channel. On 10th October 2004 , the Channel became SaharaOne with the launch of The First Indian Sangeet Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall, London . SaharaOne Television provides a strong mix of engrossing fiction & non-fiction entertainment and is popular for its star-studded mega events, dramas, kids’ programming, thrillers, feature films & film-based programmes, and much more.  Even as it provides a variety of shows across all the above genres, SaharaOne Television is also focusing on providing an entertaining and engrossing portrayal of strong, independent thinking Indian women in its soaps and serials. These include Meerra of Solhah Singaarr, Kituu from K ituu…Sabb Jaantii Hai, Pari of Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Krishna of Kuch Apne Kuch Paraye and Kakul from Ghar… Ek Sapnaa of who have become household names among television viewers.

Other SaharaOne Television shows that cater to varied audiences include a series of non-fiction shows. Entertainment Aur Kya is based on Bollywood information right from its scripting, pre-production, original casting choices of movies, to the production, post-production stages and finally to the mahurats & Premieres of the film. Sona Lai Ja Re is a live in-dial show that gives viewers an opportunity to win gold worth Rs. 1 Crore. Comedy Champions is a stand-up comedy show which is an attempt to bring in the laughter in the lives of viewers. With a strong focus on quality content and innovative programming and promotions, SaharaOne Television is poised for a position of strength amongst the mainstream Hindi General Entertainment Channels in India .

SaharaOne Television is part of the umbrella brand SaharaOne, whose other businesses include SaharaOne Motion Pictures, which is India ’s largest player in the motion pictures business. It launched FILMY a film based channel on February 11, 2006

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