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FMCG & Retail: Sahara Q Shop • Sahara Q Shop is a mega quality consumer merchandise retail business from Sahara India Pariwar. Its aim is to provide pure and adulteration-free products to the esteemed citizens of the country. Few highlights of the venture are as follows:
• Chain of 8,000 Exclusive Retailers over next 30 months
• Number of operational stores : 1,130 ( As on 1st Jan ,14)
• Total estimated Revenue : Rs.13,357 crores
Dairy • Aim to provide 100% adulteration free products
• Ownership of entire value chain in producing and delivering absolutely PURE MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS to the doorstep of consumer
• Milk Production: 70,00,000 liters/day, 2.5 million tonnes/year with 5.3 lakh cattle
• Estimated Revenue: Rs. 68,638 crores over period of 5 years
• Employment generation: 60,000 over period of 5 years
Luxury Real estate & Lifestyle Services

An integrated leisure and lifestyle project providing a complete luxury experience across all metro cities in India. The project offers wide array of premium services covering entertainment, hospitality, medical tourism, education, sports, recreational activities, business centers and much more. Few highlights of the venture are as follows:
• Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle Services for UHNI, HNI and NRIs
• Total Estimated Revenue: Rs 15,00,000 Crores
Healthcare • Plan to establish Secondary, Tertiary & Quaternary Care hospitals in India and overseas with the aim to make them one of biggest healthcare chains in Asia
• Sahara has formed alliances with various Internationally acclaimed hospitals across the globe for creating COE (Centers of Excellence) in various specialties
• Total Investment: Rs. 2,300 Crores for 5-7 years
• Total Estimated Revenue: Rs. 2,500 Crores for 5-7 years
Low Cost Housing: Sahara Swapna City • An integrated township with high quality homes at value pricing, planned over 367 cities in India.
• 614 high quality affordable houses in 367 Tier I, II & III cities
• Spread over 20 acres with about 1900 houses each
• Revenue to the Govt.: Rs. 3,384 Crores (VAT/Service Tax) and Rs. 29,749 Crores (Stamp Duty/Registration)
• Total Estimated Revenue Realisation: Rs. 83,338,78 crores in 7 years
CSR - Sahara Welfare Foundation (VEDAS)

Under VEDAS (Village Esteem Development Adoption by Sahara) project, Sahara India Pariwar is fully and emotionally adopting 1000 villages covering 4.5 lakh rural households touching the lives of over 25 lakh people (in 7 states). We are making 20 clusters of 50 villages each. There shall be a Central Point Village in each cluster with a central Medical Center and an Empowerment Center along with other services for overall operation, caring and helping the villagers of these adopted villages. The activities will involve Healthcare, Education, Water, Sanitation, Empowerment, Sustainable Agriculture, and Safe-Migration.


Sahara Water Homes venture has been formed with the objective of expanding the Group's already robust footprint in the tourism sector by setting up water based tourism projects. The division is setting up water based hospitality projects such as Floating Hotel, International Cruises, River Cruises, Gaming, Ferries and Coastline Cruises. Few highlights of the venture are as follows: • An entire fleet of ships, catamarans, ferries & seafaring vessels to provide best in class quality service to esteemed customers
• Total Estimated Revenue: Rs. 5,104 Crores over a period of 5 years
Poultry • Aim to provide adulteration free poultry products - eggs, chicken to the nation.
• Complete ownership of the Value Chain, i.e., from growing of fodder/ feed, production, processing and packing in state of art plants; to delivery at the consumers door step
• Total Estimated Revenue: Rs. 4000 Crores over 5 years
• Employment generation: 1200 over period of 5 years
International Business: Macedonia (Europe) • A foray into the hospitality, dairy and banking sector in Macedonia
• Adulteration free ""Grass to Glass"" milk production, with an integrated value chain and most modern infrastructure and machinery
• Plan to build the Mother Teresa Memorial which would consist of statue and a museum
• 5 & 7 Star Hotel facilities to be build over 800 acres of land to cater to more than 700,000 tourist per year with facilities like Lake side tree houses, Villas, Mansions, Theme Cuisine Restaurant, Casinos, Spa & Yoga Hub, Adventure Sports Club, Golf Course, Auditorium, Health Care Center etc.
• Total Investment in Dairy Project (5 Years) – 13,922 Crores
• Milk Production at end of 5 years – 22 Lakh litres/ day
• Total number of Animals at end of 5 Years – 1.06 Lakh Animals
• Total Investment - Hospitality project: Rs. 9600 Crores Approx
Luxury Retail: Sahara Global Mastercraft Ltd • A foray into high end global luxury retail through its business vertical – Sahara Global Mastercraft Limited and Sahara Global Design Studio Limited
• Plan to open chain of luxury retail stores across major cities globally with first flagship stores to open in London and New York in 2014
• Total Investment: Rs. 1,400 Crores over a period of 5 years
Q Centres: • A uniquely innovative concept chain of 1090 Q Centres spread across 280 cities
• Q Centres would fulfill the daily needs & desires of our esteemed customers in Learning, Entertainment, Hospitality & Food Products and Retail
• Highest Quality and world class services in a never before experienced ambience, all under one roof in a multi-model format
• Estimated collective revenues in 5 years: Rs. 46,269 crores
• Total estimated employment opportunity: More than 54,000 Phase 1: Recruiting 18,117 by March 2014
Phase 2: Recruiting 18,035 by September 2014
Phase 3: Recruiting 17,978 by March 2016
Food Factory • More than 35 food factories, churning out 20,000-25,000 meals per day, collectively would be producing more than 8.5 Lakhs meals a Day.
• Globally benched marked standards of ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP standards in a combined area of over 7 lakh sq. ft.
• Producing best quality food products and packaged edibles using Pure, Fresh & un-adulterated ingredients.
• A robust logistics chain to ensure top quality services in a maximum radius of 100 Kms., to our Q Centres, esteemed customers & more.
• Total estimated employment opportunity: More than 17,000 Phase 1: Recruiting 3734 by March 2014
Phase 2: Recruiting 3730 by September 2014
Phase 3: Recruiting 3603 by March 2016
Q Education

Q Education is all about Learning, Creating, Discovering, Analyzing, Sharing and Dispersing knowledge. Our vision is to provide the best International education within an Indian context, thus preparing young men and women for their part in the 21st century. Our school/ university will marry the best traditions with state-of-the-art teaching and learning programs, enabling children to grow, armed with a sense of responsibility and passion to succeed in whatever field they choose. We believe that a true education is more than mere instruction. It begins with the individual’s quest for knowledge and self-expression. It unfolds through well-structured opportunities for social, intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional growth. It triumphs with the individual who is self-assured yet compassionate; open-minded yet goal orientated and globally alert yet nationally proud. These are the aspirations our families share with us.

Food & Beverages and Entertainment (Quick Service Restaurants) • A foray into Quick Service Restaurant’s business at a doorstep , serving high Quality food and beverages at affordable prices with innovative entertainment options and thereby bringing you a unique experience
• Chain of 11,000 QSR spread across 1918 cities
• Total Investment: Rs 5172 Crores
• Total Estimated Revenue: Rs 17903 Crores

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