The true perspective of ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara’s statement during the Press Conference in Kolkata on 29th Nov 2013

With regard to the above, Corporate Communications, Sahara India Pariwar, would like to express gratitude towards media groups and functionaries who, with their active participation in the above Press Conference, made it hugely successful.
While we appreciate the widespread coverage accorded to the Press Conference by the media across all communication channels, we also need to touch upon the fact that certain sections of the media have presented an incorrect perspective by quoting in bits and pieces, doing a cut-and-paste job of the statements of our Managing Worker & Chairman, ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, thus totally reversing the meaning.
Our Managing Worker & Chairman states quite vehemently that it is ingrained in his nature not to lie, ever, even if he were to try to do so, though he agrees that on occasion, a true statement can be packaged nicely and communicated as such, if there is a good reason for it with genuine, honest intentions.
Sahara has always been truthful and law abiding.
We, therefore, felt it to be our duty that the whole issue is placed before all in its true & proper perspective by quoting some of such statements which are already there in the video recordings, with us as well as with other channels and publications present during the press conference.

Some excerpts of the Press Conference are:
Q1 : There is a rising debate in the country in the run-up to the elections, on the one hand you see Narendra Modi who is the Prime Ministerial Candidate. On the other hand, there is a chorus for making Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister.
Saharasri: Let me tell you we have not seen either of them as Prime Minister. We don’t know yet. We have neither seen Modi Sahab as the Prime Minister nor Mr. Rahul as the Prime Minister. So we don’t know.
Q2 : Sir, I want to know from you, who do you feel will be the fitting Prime Ministerial candidate, Mr. Modi or Mr. Rahul Gandhi?
Saharasri: I only wish that whoever becomes PM, should be just right for the country. I, as a citizen, only desire to have a PM ‘Jo Kafan Bandh le sir pe’, should not be bothered about the chair, should not bother about his party, instead they should bother about the country first. I will welcome any such person from any party. If I can do anything for such people I will go out of the way for the country. That is all I can wish for and I think the same is the wish of everybody.
Q3 : Do you know Mrs. Sonia Gandhi?
Saharasri:  I have met her a few times. I always say that she is a very dignified lady of this country. She has maintained her dignity as a ‘Bahu’ of this country very well. I really appreciate that.
Q4 : Do you think Sonia Gandhi is to be blamed for Sahara’s Problems?
Saharasri: Not at all. You know what happens sometimes? When somebody is saying something against me, for example, I may not take it so seriously but my subordinates, just to please me, take it as such and indulge in all kinds of nonsense. A similar thing happened and many big people from Delhi directed RBI to finish us off.
Note: During the Press Conference, a question was raised about monthly collection and payout of co-operative  which has been promoted by workers of Sahara field. The correct statement was around Rs. 12000 cr. collection in one year against payout of more than Rs. 8000 cr. per year. (but every year the payout increases)