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Its Mega musical stage show ‘BHARATI’ creating memorable impact in Europe with 160 shows and counting

Sahara ’s BHARATI –The first Indian Musical Stage Show creates ripples at Zurich after winning Paris , Berlin , Frankfurt , Mannheim , Linz , Stuttgart …


Zurich, 19 th February, 2007: One of India’s biggest conglomerate Sahara India Pariwar’s mega musical stage show ’Bharati’ has completed its 160 shows in Europe and now has been showcased in Zurich, Switzerland.

In Zurich , the musical opened to a packed audience of over 4,000 and left them spellbound by its colorful depiction of the diverse & vibrant cultures of India , and the spectacular performance of the artists. It received overwhelming response from almost entire European audience. Adding to the uniqueness of the show was the outpour of emotions from the audience who responded by dancing on the tunes of the songs. The show also received standing ovation from the overwhelmed audience which comprises of majorly Swiss nationals. The musical which has so far traveled to European cities like Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Linz, Stuttgart, starting from Israel is a Musical Stage Show featuring live performances by more than 100 dancers, singers and orchestra on a techno ornamented gigantic stage. The show equipped with state of the art audio and visual equipments which includes a range of more than 120 techno lights and a mega 16 X 10 meters LED screen is a treat for the senses.

Bharati is a dream vision of Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar to take India to the World. The show ‘Bharati’ explores India on the world stage with the exuberance, richness of content, colours, dimensions and depth as never seen before. This 90-minute show, with a cast and crew of 150 people is traveling all over the world and performing in French, German, Italian and other languages, besides English and Hindi. There have been 160 performances in the last nearly 12 months.At Paris it was staged for over a month. The show kicked off in September, 2005 from Israel at the Opera House in Tel Aviv with an exhibition show to a houseful audience.

As envisioned by Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara, Bharati presents India ’s diversified culture, traditions and values and becomes the best ambassador for India to the world. Even title ‘Bharati’ was coined by Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara which encapsulates Indian culture as a whole. At this occasion in his message Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing worker and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar said, “Bharati, the stage musical is the latest offering from Sahara India Pariwar. Bharati is perhaps the first effort of its kind to take India to the world and Sahara India Pariwar is proud to develop it. It is not just an Indian effort but a global initiative because the best of Indian talent has teamed with the best of European talent to bring it to the international stage. ‘Bharati’ is a journey into the spirit of India , the essence of India , the heart, mind and soul of India , into the beauty of our traditions, the richness of our art and culture and the depth of our values. It is a journey into the ideals of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ that the entire world is one family, one Pariwar to survive; the world must team to coexist as India exists – with all its diversity and contradictions.”

Based on this concept the story and screenplay has been written by the renowned writer Mr. Kamlesh Pandey and interpreted into the magnificent theater by producer Mr. Gashash Deshe along with one of the world ace theater production House Pasha Goshi Productions (PGP).

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Kamlesh Pandey, Consultant to Sahara India Pariwar and Script Writer of the theatre, said, “Bharati is perhaps the most successful ambassador for India to the World. India is a miniature World and we have managed to survive despite the difference and diversity. The key message that Bharati wants to give is the art of survival and it is the most spectacular way to give India a global platform.

‘Bharati’ also depicts the richness of Indian culture and traditions and is aptly portrayed by Bhavna Pani as the lead actress and ‘Bharati’ of the show. Gagan Mallik plays the role of Siddhartha, the NRI who comes to India and falls in love with Bharati-the girl who personifies the rich Indian culture and values. The prime character of the show is the Sutradhar who narrates the story in the regional European language and ‘holds' the threads of the tale and guides the audience through a simple but contemporary tale of love and wonder.

Present during the show in Zurich were the key people behind the creation of Bharati, namely Mr. Kamlesh Pande – Consultant to Sahara India Pariwar and Script Writer of the theatre, Mr. Abhijit Sarkar – Head, Sahara Corporate Communications and Executive Producer of ‘Bharati’, Mr. Gashash Deshe – Managing Director, PGP Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Abhijit Sarkar, Head - Sahara Corporate Communication and Executive Producer of ‘Bharati’ said, “ India is a confluence of various cultures, art, religion and languages. Despite that India is one and will always remain one. ‘Bharati’, a dream vision of Hon’ble Saharasri, depicts the spirit of India by presenting our in-depth traditions, richness of our art and culture which has been inherited by us through ages.

Mr. Gashash Deshe – Managing Director, PGP Pvt. Ltd. said, “The venture aims to bring to life an everlasting story, woven around the fabric of Indian culture and tradition - epitomized in an Indian woman. This woman represents the essence of India , and she gradually induces the audience to appreciate and respect the deep-rooted spirit of India , that simmers under a flame of chaos and confusion”.

About Sahara India Pariwar

Sahara India Pariwar is an over Rs 50,000 crore (over 10.87 billion USD) diversified business conglomerate having varied business interests in finance, Infrastructure & Housing, Tourism & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Services & Trading. Sahara India Pariwar is an emotionally integrated family with more then 9.10 lac (0.91 million) employees and serving through its products and services to 6.10 crore (61 million) esteemed Depositors.

About PGP

Pasha Goshi Productions, an international production House PGP headed by Gahash Deshe, has produced international classics like ‘Cabaret’, ‘Evita’ ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and many more.

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