Lucknow , June 20, 2007: Sahara India Pariwar today dispels the confusions pertaining to the administrative control and operations of Air Sahara. Sahara India Pariwar sold the 100% shares and management of its aviation company under the brand name of Air Sahara to Jet Airways. The Share Purchase agreement of this deal was concluded on April 12, 2007. As per the agreement Jet Airways took over the ownership and management control of Air Sahara and all its national as well as international operations from 20 th April, 2007 and since then Jet is running the Airlines.

On April 22, 2007 Jet changed the name of Air Sahara to Jetlite and announced that it will operate as a subsidiary of Jet Airways. Hence, Air Sahara for all practical purposes is Jetlite and is operated and controlled by a management board comprising of Jet Airways representatives. As requested by Jet Airways the entire re-branding of the airline would physically take 3 months. Sahara has considered in the agreement/ consent terms that from April 20, 2007 for a period of 90 days, Jet may use, inter alia the brand name Air Sahara as a part of its corporate name. But this doesn't change the fact that the airline is now Jetlite and the operation is run by Jet Airways under its 100% subsidiary Jetlite.

As Sahara has no control or say in the management of the airlines, neither Sahara has any stakes in the airline company, Sahara requests the knowledgeable media and through media its esteemed customers and fellow country men to not to refer the airline as Air Sahara and instead use Jetlite (or any other name considered by Jet Airline management). In these conditions the use of the name Air Sahara is affecting the image of Sahara and is bringing negative (or might be positive) publicity for work we are not responsible or involved in.