Sahara Unique the retail chain now offers ‘Shop N Save’ to the customers

Sahara Unique unveils its First Privilege Card ‘ Sahara Unique Privilege Card – Yellow’ which offers fabulous deals, discounts and super rewards

Smt Kumkum Roy Chaudhury launched the privilege card at Sahara Ganj

Lucknow 13 th July, 2007 : 'Sahara Unique', the retail chain of Sahara consumer products division, today launched its first Privilege Card known as ‘Sahara Unique Privilege Card -Yellow. This privilege card was launched at a special function held at Sahara Ganj outlet by Smt. Kumkum Roy Chaudhury, Assistant Director Worker, Sahara India Products Division. Present on this occasion were Sri Ashish Banerji – Dy.General Manager Worker, Sri Nidhi Pande - Dy Chief Manager Worker, Sri M.K.Yousuf – Asst.Chief Manager Worker, Sri Kriti Kumar Ganguly & other senior officials of Sahara India Pariwar.

The Privilege Card will offer the Customers fabulous deals, discounts and super rewards under it. As an introductory offer, customer can avail this card with purchase of Rs 1000/- & above. They also have the option of having this unique privilege card by making a payment of Rs 100/-. The benefits of privilege card is varied and many and customer earns points through purchases made with this card. Reward point accrued against purchases can be redeemed after obtaining vouchers on request.

Sahara Unique has always been select and exclusive, and aimed to meet the needs of every family. Be it clothes & fashion-wear (for both ladies and gents), accessories, sports-wear, value-jewellery, heritage artefacts, articles of home-décor or gift-items. Truly a connoisseur' delight, the apparels, articles, artefacts and souvenirs at these outlets are representative of the craftsmanship from the states of India.

The Privilege Card will also provide ‘to an elite and fashionable world of style accessories. A good example of that is the Unisex T-shirts specially designed for Sahara Unique. This, incidentally, is also for the first time that customers can choose from apparel and fitness goods belonging to the Indian cricket team. Those with a ken for gizmos, on the other hand, will find a contemporary and premium range of leading-edge laptops and digital cameras from Sahara Computers and Electronic Ltd. In addition, they will have the entire line of Sahara Care and Sahara Select to choose from.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Smt Kumkum Roy Chaudhury, Assistant Director Worker, Sahara India Products Division, said, "We are pleased to announce the launch of Sahara Unique Privilege card that will redefine the shopping experience of Lucknow. She further added, "This new addition to the Sahara Unique bouquet represents the cutting-edge frontier of retail shopping today.”


'Sahara Unique’ is the retail chain of Sahara consumer products division. The multi product outlet offers both an inclusive and exclusive range of goods – from lifestyle to sports - to the trendy, fastidious and stylish buyer. Products have been classified and categorized into niche subdivisions, like 'Sahara Select' for fashion & lifestyle products, home décor and handicrafts items, 'Sahara Sport' for fitness & leisure goods, and ‘Sahara Care’ for items of daily use.