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About us
Sahara India Pariwar�s success story began in 1978. Starting on a modest scale with a capital of only 2000, the company has traversed a long way to become a frontrunner in Indian entrepreneurship. Today, Sahara India Pariwar is a major entity on the corporate horizon with diversified businesses all over India as well as in various other countries.

Sahara India Pariwar is not just a business organization, but an emotionally integrated family. All its members are knitted by a single thread called �emotion� and every member identifies themselves with the true spirit of Indian nationalism, its culture, tradition, belief, ethics, values and morals. The members adore the holy motherland; Bhartiyata is the supreme religion and the national festivals -Republic Day and Independence Day- are celebrated as �Bharat Parva� with the utmost zeal and gaiety. The Pariwar believes that different religions are mere pathways to reach one God.

We adhere to

Emotion before Economics
Principles before Profit
Values before Wealth
Man before Money
Country before Religion
Quality before Quantity
Conscience before Corporation
Family before Fortune
We Chase Quality & Quantity Chases Us