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Corporate Social Responsibility

An Emotional Commitment Towards Society
Sahara Welfare Foundation, the social development unit of Sahara India Pariwar, is engaged in social welfare projects, alleviating people's sufferings and bringing to them new rays of hope and a brighter tomorrow. The projects of Sahara Welfare Foundation focus on women and disabled who are socially and economically deprived and hence marginalised. It aims to initiate and facilitate such processes and initiatives where socially & economically marginalised and deprived people and communities irrespective of age, caste, class, gender or race are able to participate actively in the process of their development so that they may lead a life of dignity and respect. Major programmes undertaken by the unit include:

Mega Rehabilitation Project: Sahara Gram
The village, Bhimasar-Chakasar, taluka Anjar district Kutch is about 15 km. from Gandhidham and is spread over 9457.31 acres. It is home to 3153 persons of which 19 died and 135 were injured due to the earthquake. Of the total families, houses of 801 were destroyed owing to the earthquake. The village was emotionally adopted by Sahara India Pariwar for relocation. Members of the Pariwar were there within 48 hours for providing relief services to the survivors and from then onwards the task of rehabilitating the earthquake affected persons by reconstructing 839 houses with basic community facilities is accomplished.

Rehabilitation of survivors of Latur: Sahara Wadi
Kilari - one of the villages affected by the earthquake that occurred in Latur district of Maharashtra was adopted by Sahara India Pariwar for relocation and rehabilitation. Earthquake resistant houses were constructed and handed over to the residents of the village by Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna Reverend Mother Teresa. Several basic amenities were also provided for in the village as per the needs of the villagers.

Adoption of families of Kargil Martyrs
Sahara India Pariwar has adopted the families of Kargil Martyrs and has committed itself to provide emotional and economic support to all such families by allocating 50 crore (USD 10.65 million ) approx. under seven schemes for this purpose. In addition to providing monthly assistance, help is also extended for specific activities such as marriages, purchasing academic books for the children who are studying and attempts are also made to develop emotional bonds with them.

Financial Assistance to the families of Mumbai Martyrs
We believe in taking care of those who take care of our nation's security. As another expression of this belief, we provide monthly financial assistance- 5 times their existing salaries for 10 yrs duration - to the 18 families of the Mumbai martyrs.

Financial Assistance to the victims of Dhantewadha Naxal Attack
Sahara also provided financial assistance to the 5 martyr families hailing from Gorakhpur with 2.5 lacs for each family as support.

Programmes for Handicapped (Sahyog)
To address the nationwide problems of our physically challenged brethren, Sahara India Pariwar has established the Center for Handicapped. It aims at identifying the types of problems faced by the disabled persons, providing early identification guidelines, assessing disability, providing management & guidance for guardians of disabled. Facilities like physical & audio-metric tests, speech therapy, I.Q tests, repairing of co-appliances, providing essential aids & appliances on short-term basis is being provided through experienced specialists in the relevant fields.

“Sakshar Bharat” (Literacy Programme)
The objective of this programme is to help children and adults residing in slums of cities develop their overall personality and a functional understanding of aspects that affect their day-to-day lives. People of different age groups have benefited from this programme since its inception.

“Janswasthya” Project (Health Programme)
The objective of this project is to provide assistance through various modes to help people, especially the deprived and marginalised develop their mental and physical health, making them aware regarding several health aspects in socio-economic backward parts of the country. Through a team of experts and mobile vans it has benefited lacs (millions) of people. The Janswasthya project is also partnering with the Govt. of India Health Programmes. The Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme and School Health Programme & Blindness Control have delivered benefits to the society.

Pulse Polio Programme
Since 1997 Sahara Welfare Foundation has been participating in Pulse Polio immunization programme in coordination with the National Programme of Polio Immunization. More than 2 lac (0.2 million) children have been vaccinated.

Blood Donation & Hepatitis B Immunisation Camps and Awareness Workshops
On several occasions, the Kartavyayogi workers of Sahara India Pariwar voluntarily donated blood for the welfare of the downtrodden sect, which has served the dual purpose of encouraging the genuine donors while at the same time discouraging the professional ones. From time to time, Sahara India Pariwar has also conducted various socio-welfare programmes for Hepatitis-B Immunization, Eye Donation Awareness Workshops and Early Identification of Disability Workshops etc.

Vocational Training Programme
We at Sahara Welfare Foundation are of the firm belief that education and skill development should take place in a manner which contributes to enhancement of functional knowledge of the socio-economic backward community. This intervention not only helps in confidence building of the person but also enhances their inherent skills. It is through this that the existing livelihood portfolio of the family improves and in turn reduces their vulnerability, thereby equipping them to deal with shocks and stresses. It is with this in view that Vocational Training Programme was initiated.

Rehabilitation of Challenged People
In order to fulfill our social commitment, we have a dedicated Sahara Sankalp Rehabilitation Centre for the Challenged People. The Rehabilitation Centre manufactures and distributes aids and appliances to physically challenged people from Lucknow and Gorakhpur and surrounding districts. Equipped with latest equipments and a small workshop, a team of well experienced and qualified doctors is also in place at the centres. Hundreds of physically challenged people have been able to stand on their feet and have become independent by the services provided through the centre.

Civic Development Project
With the increasing number of population & vehicles, basic civic amenities and infrastructure also need to be developed so as to cater to the increasing demand and pressure. This project undertakes activities like construction of public utilities and hand pumps, Sankalp Udyan (Town Hall) & Sankalp Sthal at Gorakhpur, Jindpeer crossing at Hardoi, Sankalp Vatika & Prerna park developed and maintained at Lucknow and similar projects are being undertaken in other parts of the country.

Construction & Renovation of Cremation Grounds
In view of the poignancy of emotions attached with the last rites of a departed soul, Sahara India Pariwar has undertaken the construction & maintenance of cremation sites in Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Ayodhya. Similar endeavours are under construction at Patna, Bhagalpur and another at Lucknow.

Beautification Programmes
The main attractions of a beautiful town are well-planned crossings, greenery, preserved monuments and places of historical interest. Sahara India Pariwar continuously strives to contribute towards these causes via environmental protection measures ensuring lush greenery through tree plantations and a host of other beautification and sustenance modes/programmes. Some of the major beautification endeavours include Sankalp Vatika (Lucknow), Prerna Park (Lucknow), Sankalp Udyan and Sankalp Sthal (Gorakhpur), Sahara Crossing (Hardoi), Sankalp Chowk, Muzaffarpur and Sahara Gram (Gujarat) and other places. There were also various tree plantation drives at different places.

Concern for Pilgrims
Sahara is building a Guest House at Kedarnath the foundation stone of which has already been laid.

Behaviour Change Communication Project
To cater to social and mental problems of the children of the age group of 3-14 yrs suffering from Slow Learning, Learning Disability, Emotional Behavioural problems, Behaviour not in accordance with law & social norms, Temper tantrums, Bedwetting or Enuresis etc., is the main objective of this project.

Disaster Management
Sahara Welfare Foundation has, since its inception, been active in the area of extending relief services during natural disasters be it the super cyclone of Orissa, drought in Rajasthan, floods in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Bihar or Earthquake in Gujarat.

Development Activities
The urban slums are facing acute crises of drinking water, medical facility, electricity and proper drainage system. Sahara Welfare Foundation continuously aims at providing adequate & safe drinking water, proper drainage system, toilets and community centre, through its time bound programme, to lift the standards of living of people in the urban slums. Major developmental endeavours include Lavkush Nagar (Lucknow)
& East Bengal Refugee Society (Lucknow) and
other places.

NCC Scholarship
As a gesture of deep respect for NCC with which Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara was involved during his school and college days and commanded 1600 NCC cadets, a scheme has been constituted by Sahara India Pariwar to pay over 800 NCC cadets stipends and incentives amounting to over 1 crore annually.

Taking up Social Causes in Pune
Sahara has devised a scheme whereby poor but meritorious students will be given scholarships; financial assistance will be provided to the budding sporting talent; and 09 Mobile Healthcare Vans will provide primary healthcare to the needy in the district of Pune.

Taking up Social Causes in Gorakhpur
Sahara India Pariwar has proposed to allocate 10 crore to form a Medical Foundation to enable the local people belonging to poor sections to gain from better medical facilities. A Medical College, a Modern Hospital and a Sports Academy are also proposed. Sahara will also sponsor 1000 brilliant students every year for higher studies in
eminent institutions.

Mobile Healthcare Units
In addition to the existing 09 medical vans in Pune, we are also operating 40 medical vans across the country, running 30 days a month, throughout the year, taking healthcare to the remotest rural areas where medical services do not exist.

Research & Publication
Sahara Welfare Foundation also aims to take up studies on issues related to social development. In addition to this, information dissemination and communication material has also been developed. Several reading and reference material has also been developed by Sahara Welfare Foundation.