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Core Commitments - Our Strength

Emotion - Emotion is in Performance of genuine duties towards the loved ones primarily in their benefit, from their point of view. EMOTION is THE KEY that generates the required energy and enthusiasm for desired quality performance.

Discipline - The enthusiastic obedience of laws and orders, which are given by the rightful authority.

Duty - The enthusiastic obedience of laws and orders, which are given by our CONSCIENCE.

No Discrimination - Never should we discriminate in any of our actions, reactions, attitudes, decisions, conclusions, in any of our expressions while caring for the six healths of other human beings, namely physical, material, mental, emotional, social and professional healths.

Quality - Results from honouring Rules, Regulations, Quality Products and Services, Commitments, Values, Fairness, Performance of Duties by honestly balancing one's own and others' reasonable point of view in the matters of Material & Emotional aspects.

Give Respect - To definitely make others feel important and respected by giving sincere regard to others' feelings, reasonable wishes & thoughts with an open and receptive mind and warmth.

Self-Respect - To develop a sense of respect for oneself in others' mind, i.e. to generate genuine & warm feelings for oneself among others on a continuous basis.

Truth - Means total transparency in action, reaction, attitude and all other expressions and the conviction to follow the right course.

Collective Materialism - Means to progress and prosper together for collective sharing and caring and not individually or for a select group.

Religion - There is a religion higher than religion itself - it is NATIONALITY and HUMANITY. We may practise our religions in the confines of our homes, but outside, we should be Indians and only Indians. 'Bharatiyata' or Nationalism thus becomes our supreme religion and above that supreme religion is one Human Religion in the world.

Absolute Honesty - People generally manipulate and deceive for achieving their unreasonable desires and greed if others do not or can not see, hear or understand. But the fact is that our mind inside knows the truth, can see, hear or understand rightly and we should be absolutely honest to our mind inside in all our actions, reactions, directions, decisions and expressions and in performing all our genuine duties.

For a life long wonderful, peaceful & happy relationship between two individuals,
it needs continuous and enthusiastic give and take of three facts.
(1)Genuine Respect
(2)Genuine Duty Performances towards each other
(3)Genuine Give and Take of Pampering (Pampering means to make other person feel important & special)