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In business profit earnings and overall growth of business get the highest priority and are certainly creditable, but ultimate credibility of business enterprise, particularly of larger ones is in the utilisation of profit, be it for best possible upliftment of its workforce and for espousing Social, National Development causes or for rendering services to mankind as a whole. Fulfilling the Qualitative aspect of utilisation of profit, the world's largest family ‘Sahara India Pariwar' is proud to have reached today new horizons of growth and development.

On the basis of our philosophy of Collective Materialism we have always given importance to the fact that profit earning is the Quantitative aspect whereas the proper utilisation of profit is the Qualitative aspect. Ironically, we only recognise and get recognised by the Quantitative aspect.

I, therefore earnestly appeal to one and all in Politics, Media, Business etc. that every action, reaction, selection, appreciation or criticism should be oriented strictly towards the Qualitative aspect. I appeal to anybody and everybody to accord top priority to Qualitative aspect in anything and everything for peaceful, prosperous and progressive co-existence of mankind anywhere and everywhere.

Today, I feel proud of the fact that I am the Guardian of the World's largest family. Perhaps, I am the world's only person whose family is so vast, so disciplined, so dedicated and so committed. Such a vast family as Sahara India Pariwar has a grand and infinite future and I am sure that we will sustain our duty, consciousness, discipline and dutifulness with a sense of dedication, as we have always done in the past, so that together we could build an India full of energy and radiance.

"Saharasri" Subrata Roy Sahara
Managing Worker & Chairman
Sahara India Pariwar


Our Chief Guardian's Classes
Our Chief Guardian's classes for teaching of life's philosophy, the psychological aspect, that is the emotional aspect of life, in other words the realities of life are generally 10 hour sessions and he must have addressed thousands of such classes. He strongly believes that the chief of any organisation should primarily be a teacher, a guide and a guardian.

Shanti, Sukh : Santushti
Through this book it is absolutely convincing that the most dominating need of every human is strong security feeling of life, health, material, respect and love and then more material, more respect and more love. 24 hours - 365 days all your actions, reactions, planning and all expressions revolve around the above needs and continuous achievement of all these depends on you, and you need not depend on others.

Maan-Samman, Atmasamman

Emotions are of two kinds - love and respect. Love is an inferior emotion which has been given by God to fulfill your reasonable, unreasonable needs. But in human society since we have the thinking power, respect for others and sense of self-respect are the most superior emotions.

"Saharasri" - Subrata Roy Sahara
The Man And His Vision
He has talked about problems and proposed the solutions on 5 social issues namely Population, Education, Political (Election) system, Media & Religion, besides interacting on various aspects of life and professional life. According to him if these five issues are taken care of properly, our beloved country shall be the best in the world.