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ARARIA JUTE PROJECT - The Sahara India Jute Project and R&D Centre has been developed with the intention of providing financial rehabilitation to the people of Araria. The Project aims to facilitate the artisans of the region who have been known traditionally for their work of handloom and handcrafted materials of various kinds. Considerable work has been initiated to stop migration of artisans to other regions and professions by not only providing them handlooms, raw materials and designs, but also creating a platform to showcase and sell products manufactured by them. The project is envisaged to boost the development of the overall economy of that area through its training and R&D Centre and with the production of eco-friendly, biodegradable export quality products like carpets, floor coverings, blankets, handicrafts, footwear, fancy ladies' bags and promotional bags made from diversified jute and other natural fibres. It is successfully creating high demand for these products both in domestic and international markets.

Global Luxury Brand Project - "MASTERCRAFT"

“Creating the Best Luxury Brand in the world, inspired from Indian heritage and history, using innovative and timeless designs, which showcase craftsmanship of master artisans and quality across a varied lifestyle product portfolio, adding up to a memorable experience for our customers”

Brand Mastercraft is the latest endeavour of Sahara India Pariwar to preserve the rich heritage and tradition of craft worldwide. Inspired by the rarest crafts across the globe and executed by the finest craftsmen, Mastercraft promises to redefine existing benchmarks in global luxury. With the intention of being the ‘Custodians of Craft’, we are in the process of creating timeless masterpieces that surpass excellence. The Masterpieces would be manifestations of outstanding skill, quality and workmanship of Mastercraftsmen. The new definition of luxury by Sahara therefore embraces and celebrates craft and luxury in an all new avatar. Our effort is supported by the in-house world class design studio located in Mumbai that comprises top notch designers from around the world.

The flagship store is planned for a grand launch in London, New York and Delhi in 2015. The store will showcase exquisite Masterpieces in the museum section and the remainder of the store will exhibit high-end luxury products in home and fashion categories. The Group has ambitious expansion plans to scale up the operations with stores at strategic locations after its flagship launch.