Sahara Mutual Fund announces 50% Tax-Free Dividend under Sahara Infrastructure Fund
The record date for the Dividend payout is 30.11.2007

Mumbai, November 27, 2007: Sahara Mutual Fund has declared 50% Dividend under its Sahara Infrastructure Fund. The record date for the purpose of dividend payout is 30.11.2007. All such investors under dividend option of Sahara Infrastructure fund (both variable and fixed pricing), whose name appear on the scheme books as on the record date, would be eligible to get dividend. The dividend declared by Sahara Mutual Fund will be tax free in the hands of the investors.

Announcing this Mr. Naresh Kumar Garg, Principal Officer, Sahara Mutual Fund said, “The Indian economy is poised to grow over 8.5% annually over the next five years. This is achievable only if large investments take place in the infrastructure sector. The government has shown a strong commitment towards the same by devising investment friendly policies and favorable reforms across sectors of the infrastructure segment”. Mr. Garg further added “As always has been the policy of Sahara Mutual Fund, to act in the best interest of its investors, the Trustees are glad to announce a Dividend of Rs. 5.00 per unit (50%) under Sahara Infrastructure Fund.”

Sahara Infrastructure Fund is an open-ended equity scheme with an objective to achieve long – term capital growth at optimum level of risks by investing primarily in equity and equity related instruments of companies comprised in the infrastructure and related sectors. The investment style of the Fund is to capture this growth in its portfolio by the judicious selection of stocks with the prime objective of creating value for our investors. The portfolio is well diversified having an optimum number of quality stocks to maintain a medium risk level.

The scheme also has the facility of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) offered to its investors to counter volatility and invest regularly to benefit from the growth.

Since its inception, the portfolio has generated impressive returns. The table below indicates the absolute returns generated by the scheme for different time periods.

Performance (%) of Sahara Infrastructure Fund

Returns as on
November 23
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
Since inception (annualized)

Sahara Infrastructure Fund
(Dividend Option)
17.9625 46.00 52.35 66.35 44.03

About Sahara Mutual Fund
Founded in 1978, Sahara India Group, has over the years emerged as a multi-service and multi-product business conglomerate with diverse interests in fields such as Para Banking, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Housing Finance, Housing & Infrastructure, Tourism & Hospitality, Media and Entertainment etc.

Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited is the flagship investment arm of the Sahara India Group. The company is the first Residuary Non-Banking Company (RNBC) in India that has been granted certificate of registration by RBI and is considered to be the largest public deposit mobilization company in the Private Sector. Sahara Asset Management Company Private Limited is the Investment Manager to Sahara Mutual Fund.

Sahara Mutual Fund currently manages six equity funds namely Sahara Mid Cap Fund, Sahara Growth Fund, Sahara Tax Gain Fund, Sahara Wealth Plus Fund, Sahara R.E.A.L. and Sahara Infrastructure Fund. These Funds have performed remarkably well and all these Funds have outperformed their respective benchmarks by a significant margin.