India’ biggest real estate project Sahara City Homes exhibited at Dubai

Lucknow, 13th December, 2007: Sahara Infrastructure and Housing, India’s leading real estate company exhibits its flagship project ‘Sahara City Homes’ at Indian Property Show, Dubai. The Indian Property Show is one of the largest and most diverse exhibitions of exclusive Indian property to cater to the customers (NRIs) and Investors who are interested in Indian Properties. The show has attracted all the major real estate developers of India who are showcasing their projects to the prospective buyers in Dubai. The three days property show beginning from 13th December 2007 will be held at Airport Expo, Dubai.

The pioneering project of Sahara Infrastructure and Housing, Sahara City Homes is the world’s largest chain of self-sufficient, high quality townships to be developed in 217 cities across India. Spokesperson of Sahara Infrastructure and Housing stated that the company is directly presenting the Sahara City Homes project to the buyers on an international platform.

The participation of Sahara City Homes in the Indian Property Show is the part of company’s programme to reach out to the large NRI community in Middle East. The project will give opportunity to the Indian residents at Dubai to secure residential units from a range of products offered by Sahara City Home townships at their city of choice.

Sahara City Homes is a chain of well planned self sufficient high-quality townships across 217 small & big cities of India. These townships will be developed individually on 100-300 acres of land area which will vary according to the city’s requirement. Sahara Infrastructure & Housing will be developing all the facilities of international standards in each of these townships. The magnanimous plans include multiplex, hospital, school, hotel & club, club & community centre etc. Sahara City Homes will be a gated city with multilevel security and shall also be one of the most environment friendly townships with 55-60 % of the total land area dedicated to greenery & open spaces. There shall also be continuous power supply & pure drinking water supply in all the 217 townships. Sahara City Homes shall also be accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & SA 8000 certifications.

The construction and development of Sahara City Homes is in full swing in the cities of Nagpur (43.16 hectare), Lucknow (80.94 hectare) & Indore (35.82 hectare). Significantly construction in all the Sahara City Homes will be one step higher than the applicable seismic zone norms for Earthquake Resistant Construction of every city. The development has also been initiated in the cities of Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Aurangabad, Solapur, Jodhpur & Gwalior apart from other cities.

On this occasion Mr. Sushanto Roy - Head, Sahara Infrastructure & Housing said, “For the first time we are taking Sahara City Homes outside India. Dubai is a big market for Indian real estate developers. The Middle East region for decades has attracted people from all across India who look for better career prospects beyond the subcontinent. Sahara City Homes fulfills their requirement of international standard and high quality living, back home at the city of their choice. We expect success for Sahara City Homes at the show”.

About Sahara Infrastructure and Housing
India’s best and the largest Infrastructure & Housing Company, Sahara Infrastructure & Housing has been ranked No.1 in the construction and real estate industry by India’s leading business magazine Business World.

The current construction activities of Sahara Infrastructure and Housing include mega-projects like ‘Aamby Valley City, and ‘Sahara City Homes Townships’. Projects already executed include ‘Sahara Grace’ – a premium group housing project in Gurgaon and Lucknow, lifestyle retailing & entertainment project of ‘Sahara Ganj’ in Lucknow .The other successful projects are ‘Sahara Mall, Gurgaon’, 4 townships under the Sahara States brand and a number of commercial complexes.

‘Sahara City Homes’ the largest project of its kind is a chain of 217 self sufficient, high quality townships across India. The project will be completed in two phases; in the first phase 102 townships will be built while the remaining 115 will comprise the second phase of development.